Family-based care home

Everyone wants to live in an atmosphere of warmth, kindness and comfort. This is especially important for children who are deprived of the attention and care of biological parents.
In Ukraine, the reform of the boarding school system (deinstitutionalization) is actively developing, the purpose of which is to ensure that all children grow up in families.
Did you know that in addition to boarding schools and psychosocial rehabilitation centers, there is such a form of education as a family-based care home?
This is very similar to an ordinary large family with 5 to 10 children. Children go to school, return home, relax, spend time with a new family, but most importantly – get attention and care. This form of education of children is actively supported by the state and charitable organizations. In Zaporozhye there are five such families in the region – more than thirty.
Create a family-based care home can be a married couple or one person. The tutor must be of legal age, able to work, have no criminal record, disability and serious mental and physical diseases. In order to create such a family you need to collect the necessary documents and take the part in training. More details can be found in the Office of children`s services.

For our society, the creation of family-based care home is a big step towards improving the quality of life of children who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

It is good that there are such adults thanks to whom children find a family again and become happier!

It is important to support families who find themselves in a difficult situation, large families, single parents, family-based care home and do everything possible to prevent children from entering boarding schools.

Doing good things together is easy and pleasant!