Project “Workshop of Goodness”

The course of social adaptation for pupils of boarding schools

We are pleased to present you one of the most significant projects to which the “Child Smile” fund is treated with special trepidation and tenderness. “Workshop of Goodness” is the first knock of the heart of every volunteer because it was the trips to pupils in boarding schools with a warm heart, tenderness and love that started the Foundation’s activities in 2012 🙂

       Each volunteer transmits a piece of his soul, life experience, embraces, positive, friendship, emotions of happiness, to gradually help the child to be ready for independent life outside the boarding school.

The goal of the project is to increase the level of social and psychological adaptation of pupils of boarding schools and centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of the Zaporozhzhia region through the implementation of a comprehensive program that includes art therapy, psychotherapeutic tales, trainings and bodily-oriented therapy.

The project is implemented by the Fund in 2013. The project does not have a permanent donor, but it works thanks to fund fundraising campaigns and volunteers.

In 2015 it was with the project “Workshop of Goodness” that the grant history of the foundation began. The project became a finalist of the social initiatives competition “We are a city” and received funding for several months.

From June to December 2016 the project was implemented with the support of the Lviv educational foundation under the “Ginger UCEF” program.

To date there are 6 boarding schools in the Zaporozhzhia region under our care: Volnyansky special boarding school, Vasilievskaya specialized boarding school, Novonikolaevskaya specialized boarding school “Parostok”, Gulyaipol specialized general boarding school, Zaporozhzhia boarding school “Svitanok” and the Orekhovo Regional Center for Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children.

The program of the trip is planned in advance and usually includes several components to cover all age groups of children.

Interactive and creative classes are conducted for the pupils of the junior school.

During the master class together with the children, volunteers are engaged who communicate with the child, help him cope with the task, talk about themselves and the children give feedbacks – share their stories, emotions and thanks to this receive attention and care, trust which are so necessary for them.

For pupils of the senior classes, we try to organize the program in such a way that after our meeting the children receive the necessary information, which is useful in adult independent life. We often invite lecturers conduct master classes in choosing a future profession, give practical skills that can become a source of earnings in the future.

For example, a course in the creation of products from newspaper tubes (baskets, stands, souvenirs), which are made from improvised materials and are in demand among consumers.

Thanks to the project “Workshop of Goodness” the team of volunteers is constantly growing, now it has more than 100 volunteers.