The main goal to creating the “Child Smile” foundation was the desire and the opportunity to provide assistance to those who really need it.
When in 2012 the initiative group of volunteers first came to one of the boarding schools of Zaporozhzhia region, they saw how much children lacked simple things, such as attention, hugs, to play and spending time with them.

After this trip, there were twofold sensations of the injustice of life towards these children and a large charge of kind, sincere emotions from the time spent with them, but it was incomparable to see their happy and grateful smiles.


This became the main goal to ensure that on 25 of April 2013 the Zaporizhzhia regional charity fund “Child Smile” was established.

Over the course of the Foundation’s work, more than 20 projects have been implemented aimed at psychosocial support of the population, comprehensive assistance to IDPs and the local population, non-formal education and mediation for children and youth, and social adaptation of pupils of boarding schools.


The projects are implemented with the financial support of international humanitarian organizations, foundations, private donors, as well as through local frundraising campaigns.

Since 2016 the geography of the fund’s activities extends also to the Donetsk region (territories under the control of the government of Ukraine).

Our partners / donors in 2015-2017 were UNHCR, USAID, GIZ, PAH, Save the Children, International Alerts, Terre des Hommes, R2P, Lviv Educational Foundation.