Information campaign “Heroes of our time”

The global coronavirus pandemic has made society aware of the importance of the role of social workers. In order to draw attention to their daily work, a large-scale information campaign “Heroes of our time” is being held in Zaporizhia since April 17.

For two months, Zaporizhzhia residents learned about the stories of real people: medical and social workers, police officers, public transport drivers, service on children’s rights and the psychological hotline. In the format of interviews through videos and articles, the heroes told how they do their job for the welfare of the population during quarantine. Video link:

Khrystyna Shevchenko, a police officer, member of a mobile group for responding to domestic violence, shares how she was affected by her participation in the project: “The video episode helped me personally, it added a little energy and mood. Probably only with good thoughts about the future we should go further and help the citizens, because the support and understanding of the situation on their part, too, would not be superfluous”.

Andriy Kapustyan, an ambulance doctor, comments: “In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and medical staff have been treated with great respect all over the world. Attitudes also changed in Ukraine”.

A flash mob of gratitude to medical workers was also held as part of the information campaign. On May 16, 2020 at 11.00 Zaporizhia residents went out on their balconies, looked out the windows, went out into the yard and applauded for 3 minutes as a sign of gratitude to the doctors. More than 1,800 Zaporozhians joined the action.

The information campaign “Heroes of our time” was launched during the implementation of quarantine measures, when Ukrainians remained at home in isolation, specialists of helping professions, risking their own health and the health of their relatives, continued to do their job. “Thanks to a series of videos, I realized the importance of social professions, especially during quarantine, I didn’t think about it before,” said Iryna, a resident of Zaporizhia. 

We thank all the people of Zaporizhia who joined the information campaign and shared their impressions. By supporting each other, we can overcome coronavirus infection and minimize its consequences for society.

The project “Heroes of our days” is implemented by Charity Fund “Child Smile” under support of USAID.

Contact person: Valentina Tryukhan, tel. 050-321-14-74, e-mail: